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On Saturday night, the Lincoln-Sudbury baseball team reminded me why I’ll absolutely never become one of those internet gurus who doesn’t train anyone in person.  LS defeated Algonguin 3-2 to win the Massachusetts Division 1 state final in just its second year at the D-1 level.

The Final Pitch

Coach Kirk Fredericks on Kevin Scanlan’s Performance

The guys played their butts off and it was a complete honor knowing that I had something to do with what will probably be one of the greatest moments of their lives.

Shortstop Justin Quinn, catcher Eddie Bleiler, and pitcher Kevin Scanlan were the first three LS guys to take a chance on the “new guy in town” based solely on Carl Valle’s recommendation when I moved back to Boston last August.  In less than a year, we’ve established a positive training culture that will undoubtedly lead to long-term success for years to come.  We now have 18 LS guys planning to come in for training this off-season, and I have Carl and these three guys to thank for affording me the opportunity to succeed in what I do.

Perhaps the best indicator of the aforementioned culture is that three hours before game-time, I got a text message from LS’ fourth starting pitcher – a guy who knew he wouldn’t play.  He wanted to know if I had time to get him in for his first off-season lift on Sunday; he wanted to be in the gym regardless of whether they won or lost in the state championship game.

Congratulations to Coach Fredericks and the entire LS team for your accomplishments on the field – and your willingness to do what it takes in the off-season to set the stage for that success.

As for me, I couldn’t be any more excited for this summer’s training.

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