Newsletter #63

About the Author: Eric Cressey

EC on the Fitcast

I didn’t realize it had been over a year since my last appearance on the Fitcast, and given what an eventful year it’s been, there was plenty to talk about!  We spent a ton of time talking about training baseball guys; correcting shoulder and knee problems; and mobilizations for those who spend too much time at computers.  Check out the free audio interview HERE or download at

Also, for those who are curious about the old newsletter interview with Mike Stare that I referenced in this interview, you can find it HERE.

More Feedback on Muscle Gaining Secrets

In my newsletter last weekend, I talked about how impressed I was with Jason Ferruggia’s new e-book.  However, that was only after I reviewed it – not after I had actually had the chance to test it out on some of my younger athletes.  Many high school guys are notorious for undereating and shortchanging their training efforts, so I printed out a copy of the “High-Powered Nutrition” component of the e-book package and had them look it over.  The two guys to whom I showed it both commented that it was really user-friendly – and I got the following email from one of their parents that same night:

“Eric – I just got home and noticed a pile of plates in the sink with remnants like cottage cheese and eggs on them.  You know how to motivate the kid.”

Jay’s been training athletes for years, and he knows how to cut through the BS with his writing and nutrition recommendations – and feedback like this shows me that his new products are going to be a huge help with my scrawny young athletes.  For more information, check out Muscle Gaining Secrets.

NYC Seminar Update

Just a reminder that I’ll be in New York City on Sunday, July 22 for a seminar at Equinox.  For more information, please email Geralyn Coopersmith at  Hope to see some of you there!

Blog Updates

We’re still updating on a daily basis with the blog, so if you haven’t checked it out recently, head over to to catch up on things.

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