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Building the Efficient Athlete Feedback

It’s been just almost three weeks since our 8-DVD set was released, and I thought you’d be interested to hear what one customer had to say about the set:

Each year I try to expand my knowledge with everything from functional anatomy, program design, rehabilitation, regeneration techniques, nutrition, and business – anything to make me better at what I do.  Each time Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson come out with a new article, product, whatever, I am blown away by how little I truly know and how much I have yet to learn.

Eric and Mike are quickly raising the standard in this industry.  From Eric’s Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual, Mike and Bill Hartman’s Inside-Out: The Ultimate Upper Body Warm-up DVD, to both Eric and Mike’s Magnificent Mobility DVD, these guys are quickly changing the landscape of how we train the human body for ultimate performance.

Now, enter the Building the Efficient Athlete DVD set.  Eric and Mike have once again raised the bar.  I don’t recommend you think about getting this DVD set; you need it.  If you’re an athlete, trainer, strength coach, or a weekend warrior, you can’t go wrong with the loads of information Eric and Mike packed into this 2-day seminar.   Eric and Mike covered everything from functional anatomy, assessing posture and movement, exercise technique, common errors and how to correct them.  This is one of the most comprehensive training products on the market.

In an era when the fitness industry is watered down with hundreds of certifications and an overall lack of professionalism, Eric and Mike keep it afloat by putting out top-notch resources that should be required for anybody currently training athletes and clients or looking to enter the fitness industry!

I just spent the last week viewing all eight DVDs and each day this week I implemented something new with the athletes and clients I train and in my own training.  The Building the Efficient Athlete DVD set is the real deal.

Aaron Schwenzfeier

Performance Fitness Systems

Alexandria, Minnesota

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