Newsletter #47

About the Author: Eric Cressey

In light of the fact that I was delayed nine hours in the snow at Reagan Airport in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, this week’s newsletter will be a quick one.  Fortunately, all that downtime gave me an opportunity to reflect on a few things and organize my thoughts for this newsletter!

Mid-Atlantic Strength Symposium Wrap-up

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came out on Saturday for the seminar at George Mason; it was great to meet all of you.

For those who couldn’t make it, here’s an interesting aside.  I evaluated six people at the seminar who had various aches and pains in their lower body, and of the six, four were severely lacking in ankle mobility.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Get to training more barefoot and doing more ankle mobility work while taping your ankles less and getting rid of your high-top sneakers, high-heels, and any other shoe that dramatically elevates your heels.  You’ll feel like a million bucks in no time.

A Great Read

The bright side of my delay in D.C. was that I got a chance to read over Kelly Baggett’s Ultimate No-Bull Speed Development Manual.  I’d glanced it over when Kelly sent it to me, but only now got the chance to give it the time it deserves.  To say that I am impressed would be an understatement; Kelly really has a knack for making the complex seem simple – and telling people how it is rather than just telling them what they want to hear.

This is a fantastic product for anyone who works with athletes; I would highly recommend checking it out:

The Ultimate No-Bull Speed Development Manual

New Article

For those who missed it, I had a new article published at T-Nation last week; check it out:

The Ten Rules of Corrective Lifting

That’s all for this week.  We’ll be back next week with all new content.

All the Best,