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Click the link below to view an hour-long interview I did on the Audrey Hall Show alongside Rich Gedman (former Red Sox catcher and current manager of the Worcester Tornadoes) and Bunky Smith (head coach of Framingham’s American Legion Team) on the topic of youth baseball training.

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I was a contributor on the T-Nation Strength and Size Roundtable:

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More Feedback on The Art of the Deload

“Eric Cressey has done it again! He’s created another solid and easy to understand product with The Art of the Deload e-book. Deloading is more than just backing off on either volume or intensity during a training cycle and Eric gives great specifics about how to incorporate a number of different deload strategies. This is a must-have for anybody trying to write serious strength and conditioning programs.”

Brijesh Patel

Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning – College of the Holy Cross

Co-founder and partner of S B Coaches College, LLC:

The Art of the Deload

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