Why You’re Not Making Progress in Your Strength and Conditioning Program – and What to Do About It (Free Webinars from EC)

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I’m proud to announce that I’m officially part of the 21st century, as I figured out how to make webinars!  To celebrate this momentous achievement (for me, at least), I’ve got two free ones for you today:

1. The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Better

2. How to Create a Real Strength and Conditioning Program

Click HERE to access these webinars – and if you like what you see, I’d really appreciate it if you could spread the word with “Likes” on Facebook and “Tweets” on Twitter.  I’d love for this educational approach to become a mainstay for EricCressey.com moving forward, so it’d be great to hear your thoughts on it and receive some support of it if you think it’s something we should do more of moving forward!

Again, here’s the link to get you started with the first webinar: The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Better.

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