Introducing CSP Innovations, the first-ever collaboration among the entire Cressey Sports Performance coaching staff. It’s the ultimate resource for any fitness professional looking to enhance their coaching toolbox.

Do you struggle to sift through the seemingly endless stream of fitness information? Do you feel overwhelmed with staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques? Are you worried that you’re not providing your clients with the greatest possible training experience?

You’re not alone. Every coach and trainer wants to be on the cutting edge, but it’s hard to separate the quality information from the noise. For the first time ever, the Cressey Sports Performance team is providing unparalleled access to our coaching methods and strategies to help YOU become a better trainer.

At CSP, we take tremendous pride in blazing a trail for other fitness professionals. We were all beginners at one point, too, and we’ve endured the process of learning, filtering information and applying it to our clients. We’ve had the privilege of coaching people from all walks of life, including:

  • Hundreds of professional athletes
  • NCAA National Champions
  • Olympians in multiple sports
  • Top high school prospects
  • Record-setting powerlifters
  • Athletes and general fitness enthusiasts recovering from surgery – or trying to avoid it in the first place