Become an Expert High School Athlete Strength Coach with This Specialized Certification

What is the High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certification?

This certification takes years of research and practical application and provides you with the most critical aspects of training High School athletes.

The High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certification will teach you:

  • The IYCA’s revolutionary approach to Long Term Athletic Development. We’ve been preaching this unique training system for nearly a decade, before it became a hot topic in the industry.
  • How to plan and approach your training to account for the specific needs of your high school athletes including sports specialization (when it’s necessary) and how to account for the difference in training needed for your freshman through seniors.
  • What the best of the best are doing through hands-on, practical experiences. Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, and Wil Fleming share their insights and knowledge gained from coaching thousands of high school athletes.
  • Programming systems that will empower high school athletes to reach their full potential. These systems are results-tested and proven in the trenches in some of the best programs in the country.

Not only will you be able to access all of this (and more) as a High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist, but you’ll also have the ability to differentiate yourself from the crowd by holding a very specific credential that only the best coaches can claim.

You’re going to be in a very elite circle of coaches who have the skills, knowledge, and passion to truly make a difference in the lives of their high school athletes.