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Medicine Ball Master Class

Medicine balls are one of the most potent tools for developing power and athleticism, and this course delves into how to program and coach them.

Sturdy Shoulder Solutions

Sturdy Shoulder Solutions is a modern guide to the Who, What, When, Why, and How of Shoulder Care for Health and Performance.

Cressey Sports Performance Innovations

Cressey Sports Performance Innovations features over 11 hours of webinars on strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and nutrition topics. It’s the ultimate continuing education resourc...

Functional Stability Training

Functional Stability Training is a comprehensive resource - upper body, lower body, core, and optimizing movement - I created with physical therapist Mike Reinold to overview our approach to an integr...

The Specialization Success Guide

In collaboration with fellow Cressey Sports Performance coach and accomplished powerlifter Greg Robins, I’ve put together 3-month specialization programs for each of the three big lifts: squat, benc...

Show and Go

If you would like to discover the fastest and easiest way to gain strength, achieve better performance and a finally have the lean, athletic body you've always wanted, then this will be the most impor...

Optimal Shoulder Performance

In November of 2009, just over 40 rehabilitation specialists, fitness professionals, and athletes gathered at Cressey Performance to spend the day learning how to test, treat, and train the shoulder f...

Assess and Correct

  • Take Your Athletic Performance to the Next Level
  • Comprehensive Guide to Self-Assessment
  • Individualized Corrective Exercise Progressions
  • DVD’s plus Manual and Workbook

Cressey Sports Performance Apparel

Several Cressey Sports Performance apparel items are available for sale. Cressey Sports Performance Elite Baseball Development T-Shirt: $24.99 + S&H Click the links below to add shirts to ...

International Youth Conditioning Association High School Strength Coach Certification

If you're involved in the rapidly-growing industry of training high school athletes, you won't want to miss this valuable resource. Consisting of a 240-page textbook, 2-DVD set, and several sample pro...

The Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual

I’ve watched it with my own eyes, and heard about it with my own ears – thousands of times. MILLIONS of hard-working, dedicated athletes are spinning their wheels with ineffective off-season progr...

The Truth About Unstable Surface Training

Unstable surface training has taken the world of fitness and strength and conditioning by storm. Everywhere you go, you’ll find wobble boards, foam pads, full and half-dome stability balls, and infl...

The Art of the Deload Special Report

We all know that with heavy and hard training comes a pressing need for deloads, or “backoff” phases. However, in spite of the fact that we know we need them, many struggle with knowing how to pr...

Understanding and Coaching the Anterior Core

In this 47-minute seminar presentation, Eric delivers a "non-traditional" core training presentation that covers functional anatomy; the interaction of breathing and stability; implications for "moder...

Everything Elbow

In this 32-minute in-service, Eric covers "Everything Elbow:" functional anatomy, pathology, injury mechanisms, applications to throwing, post-surgery expectations, and strength training modifications...

Maximum Strength

  • Nutritional guidelines to follow to optimize performance
  • A chapter on important considerations on how to plan your own future training
  • Tips on mental preparation for training
  • 256 pages
  • Over 200 illustrations to accompany in-depth exercise descriptions