Random Friday Thoughts: 10/17/08

About the Author: Eric Cressey

1. This has been quite possibly the busiest week of my career, and it won’t be slowing down over the next two weeks, as I’m heading to Baltimore, Miami, and Atlanta in three separate trips. We will persevere with this blog, though…

Factor in that I was up until the wee hours of the morning last night watching the Sox pull off without a doubt the greatest comeback I’ve ever seen in a single game in any sport, and sleep deprivation is becoming part of the equation…

2. Quite possibly the most awesome forum post directed to me ever:

I own your Magnificent Mobility DVD and Maximum Strength book. The content is revolutionary, at least to somebody like me, who’s never had professional strength and conditioning training.

Each is presented in an easy to understand format, but dive into science enough to capture the technical audience as well. The pictures and demonstrations are very valuable to illustrate the key points in each exercise.

There is one thing missing, though. The guy modeling all the exercises could look a little tougher. He absolutely needs a fu manchu moustache.

That would perfect your programs. I know it’s too late to revise the current products, but please promise me that in future products the model will be sporting some Goose Gossage handlebars.

He makes a good point. Once you’re magnificently mobile and maximally strong, you might as well be dead-sexy…

3. A lot of people mistake a big butt for anterior pelvic tilt. When the butt sticks out (known as a “badonkadonk,” if you ask Tony Gentilcore), it can give the illusion of anterior pelvic tilt when, in reality, these folks might be fine posture-wise. So, you have to look closely (but not too closely; they might slap you, pervert).

So, to recap: Big Butt = Good. Anterior Pelvic Tilt = Bad.

4. The Anti-Cressey Performance. Soooooo Lame.

5. In the upset of the week, in the “Stupidest Thing Ever Invented Bowl,” the Smith Machine Deadlift narrowly defeated the Meat-Cleaver Colonoscopy.

6. In the past week, I’ve had three different people tell me that Cressey Performance needs to get with the program and offer mentorships with me. To be honest, it’s something I’ve been pondering for the past month or so, and we’re really thinking about putting something special together. If we did it, it would be tight-knit: no more than six attendees at a time. If you’d be interested in something like this, drop us an email at cresseyperformance@gmail.com and let us know.

7. Interesting little fact for the week: 85% of ACL reconstructive surgeries are performed by surgeons who do fewer than ten ACL surgeries per year. So, ask around before you let someone stick an arthroscope in your knee! Or, better yet, pick up a copy of Bulletproof Knees and avoid the ACL injury in the first place!

8. Speaking of healthy knees, check out last week’s newsletter. I had some great knee-related content courtesy of Mike Robertson.

Lots to do. See you next week.