Random Friday Thoughts: 10/3/08

About the Author: Eric Cressey

1. I took Thursday off from blogging. I typically do HIB (high-intensity-blogging), so sometimes it wipes out my CNS and I need 48 hours between blogging sessions. While the “blog deload” was not featured in my Art of the Deload e-book, it is an important consideration in any blogging athlete’s program.

2. Truth be told, things were really hectic in the life of EC with the introduction of the new e-book.

Additionally, it was an overall busy day at Cressey Performance. For those of you who aren’t familiar with CP, it’s the facility I co-founded to fulfill my lifelong dream of having my name on a t-shirt.

3. I just confirmed that I’ll be presenting at the Major League Strength Coaches Performance Clinic in West Islip, NY on November 8-9. If you train or rehabilitation baseball players, you definitely need to check this event out. For more information, CLICK HERE.

4. The good thing about being busy is that I don’t actually have time to contemplate how hopelessly mind-numbing PETA’s actions are at times. Seriously, they actually wrote Ben & Jerry’s a letter insisting that they switch to breast milk for their ice cream. Once they get some confidence, I’m pretty sure they’ll make a pitch to have cookies ‘n cream and Reese’s Pieces surgically inserted into the providing mothers’ fun-bags. I haven’t had ice cream since high school, and while I do crave it at times, the thought of munching on frozen ta-ta juice just doesn’t make me want to revert to my old ways.

5. My grandparents celebrated the 60th anniversary of their engagement on Wednesday. Unlike putting breast milk in ice cream, this is an awesome accomplishment, folks. Talk about the two ends of the human emotion continuum…

6. In the quote of the week, Danny (CP client on Warp Speed Fat Loss) checks in with: “I find myself watching Bear Grylls – the guy on ‘Man vs. Wild’ – and instead of merely being fascinated with his ability to stomach eating a raw sheep’s heart that he just cut out (or skunk loins he seared) – I am kind of wondering how it tastes and how it would fit into my meal plan. This is ridiculous.” Incidentally, if you ask me, they both sound tastier than breast milk ice cream.

7. Check out this great post from Tony Gentilcore on the women of Cressey Performance. Tony will continue to live vicariously through each of them until he gets his first 135-pound bench.

8. Mike Robertson is in town this weekend to do some scheming, lift some heavy stuff, and check out a seminar up in Andover with me.

9. I have some video clips to upload, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do, you’ll just have to settle for the greatest sportscaster of all time. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!