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Random Monday Thoughts: 3/2/09

Written on March 2, 2009 at 6:15 am, by Eric Cressey

1. There were no Random Friday Thoughts last week, as my girlfriend and I were in Fort Lauderdale for a quick 3-day “the guys are off to spring training, so Eric is going to regain his sanity” vacation.  As you read this, I’ll have just returned to Boston (Sunday night), refreshed and ready to go for the last three weeks before the high school baseball season starts.

2. With almost all the guys done for the off-season, I figured that this was as good a time as any to send out some spring training well wishes to all the Cressey Performance pro baseball guys:

  1. Chad Rodgers (Braves)
  2. Will Inman (Padres)
  3. Tim Collins (Blue Jays)
  4. Tim Stronach (Mets)
  5. Shawn Haviland (A’s)
  6. Nate Nelson (Blue Jays)
  7. Steffan Wilson (Brewers)
  8. Steve Hammond (Giants)
  9. CJ Retherford (White Sox)
  10. PJ Zocchi (Indians)
  11. Matt Morizio (Royals)
  12. Ryan Reid (Rays)
  13. Matt Kramer (Braves)
  14. Dave Wasylak (Nationals)
  15. Jason Lavorgna (free agent)
  16. Matt Cooney (free agent)
  17. Chris Gusha (free agent)

Good luck this season, fellas.  Thanks for all your hard work.

3. I often get asked what we do with folks who can’t go right to foam rolling with the Foam Roller Plus (a more diesel version that is just foam on top of PVC).


In these folks, we usually start them with a foam-only roller – and ideally one that has been “broken in.”


Another option that Cressey Performance has pioneered is suited up in catcher’s gear before rolling.  Safety first, folks.

4. Just wanted to give you a quick heads-up on an upcoming seminar (4/17-4/19) in Central Virginia with an outstanding line-up of speakers.  I’m bummed that I can’t make it, but you should definitely check this out if you’re in the area:

Central Virginia Performance Seminar

They have limited the event to 75 attendees, so be sure to register sooner than later.

5. My girlfriend had the Oscars on last weekend, and I couldn’t help but wonder who the heck this guy is and what he did to Ferris Bueller!


Have a great weekend!

3 Responses to “Random Monday Thoughts: 3/2/09”

  1. Dave from Oz Says:

    Sure it was your girlfriend that had the Oscars on…

  2. Wilson Says:

    Ferris is still in Ireland. He likes driving fast cars along the small roads.

  3. Graeme Says:

    Hi Eric I just wanted to say thank you for being clever. I just bought your art of the deload report and as usual Im very appreciative and impressed. Down here in NZ the dollar is very weak so purchases from overseas are limited to the stuff that I can trust. I have magnificent mobility and building the eff….. the only complaint I have is that the titles are too long so they tend to scare my powerlifting team mates away when I talk about them.
    Well I’m at it I think you need to promote yourself down here more. The industry is horrible! I’ve done all I can to spread the word about you but I have tattoos and a shaved head so they just smile and wave at the native boy whose standing on two feet and trying to talk like a normal person.

    Anyway, thanks for all the great content you make available.


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