Random Friday Thoughts: 4/10/09

About the Author: Eric Cressey

1. On Monday, pretty much every baseball game in the state of Massachusetts was rained out.  To our delight, we had three of our high school baseball player show up at 2:30PM (they had the last period of school free) race in to get in training sessions before they headed to their 4:30PM indoor practice (in lieu of the game).

These guys actually thought that the game was going to be played the next day, so they were planning on having lighter days in the gym.  When I informed them that the game had actually been pushed back to May, one of them looked up at me and said, “So that means I can just go crazy today?”

That, folks, is how you make a strength coach smile.  And, it’s also how you inspire a Random Friday Thoughts blog on “Things You Can Say to Make a Strength Coach Smile.”

a. “I think cottage cheese tastes like poo, but I’m going to eat it anyway, because it’ll make me diesel.”

b. “I know that distance running is destroying my body, so I’m going to stop for real this time – unlike the last three times I promised to give it up forever.” (cough, Steph, cough)

c. “Can you tell Tony to turn this techno crap off?”

2. John Berardi just ran a feature on Howie Clark, from the Toronto Blue Jays system.  I just started to work with Howie about two months ago on his in-season training program, and this interview talks a lot about the interaction of his training and nutrition.  Check it out HERE.

3. On a related note, here’s a cool local article where I got a shout-out recently:

Pitch Count an Inexact Science

4. It wouldn’t be baseball season in Boston without a drunk dude busting a move in the stands at Fenway.  My girlfriend and I watched it live on Wednesday night and knew it was sure-fire blog material:

5. Here’s a little compilation of where Cressey Performance pro baseball guys are starting out this season.  If you live in the neighborhood of their ballparks, go check out our guys!

  1. Chad Rodgers (Braves, LHP) – Myrtle Beach, SC
  2. Will Inman (Padres, RHP) – San Antonio, TX
  3. Tim Collins (Blue Jays, LHP) – Dunedin, FL
  4. Shawn Haviland (A’s, RHP) – Kane County, IL
  5. Steffan Wilson (Brewers, 1B/3B) – Brevard County (Viera), FL
  6. Steve Hammond (Giants, LHP) – Fresno, CA
  7. CJ Retherford (White Sox, 2B/3B) – Birmingham, AL
  8. Matt Morizio (Royals, C) – Wilmington, DE
  9. Howie Clark (Blue Jays, utility) – Las Vegas, NV
  10. Andy D’Alessio (Giants, 1B) – Norwich, CT

We’ve got a few more guys in extended spring training and independent ball who should find out their destinations shortly.  If you know one of the guys above, though, get out and show ’em some love!