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Random Friday Thoughts: 6/26/09

Written on June 26, 2009 at 5:01 am, by Eric Cressey

1. I’m writing this on Thursday night as Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson, and I collaborate across several states (them in IN, and me in MA) to finalize the plan of attack for the DVD we’ll be filming out in Indy on Saturday.  We’re really struggling to decide which of the following two costumes we want Mike to wear.



I supposed we could just dress him up as a viking with tassels and get the best of both worlds.  I guess you’ll just have to buy the DVD to find out for yourself.

2. I just read this week that researchers here in Boston are going to be looking into why girls hate guys who listen to techno the role of Vitamin D and fish oil in reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, and strokes.

3. We are going to be revamping the Cressey Performance website pretty soon, so be sure to keep an eye on it in the weeks to come.

4. Speaking of CP, a huge congratulations goes out to Cressey Performance athletes Sahil Bloom and Justin Quinn, who were both named to the Spring 2009 Boston Globe All-Scholastic Team.

From the write-up: “Bloom was MVP of the Dual County League Small, posting a 6-0 record with 3 saves, a 0.90 ERA, and 61 strikeouts in 46‚ innings. He finished his career 22-6 with a 1.95 ERA.”  And, “Quinn was MVP and won the batting title in the Dual County League Large, batting .488 with five home runs. The four-year starter finished his career with a .386 average and 20 home runs.”  Nice job, fellas!

5. I absolutely LOVED Alwyn Cosgrove’s contribution to the latest Mythbusters article at T-Nation this week.  If you are a treadmill-aholic or know someone who is, definitely give it a read.

6. If I get one more email this week from someone trying to sell me a supplement in a pyramiding scheme, I’m going to flip my s**t.  If you need a pyramiding scheme to sell something, then it’s a crap product in the first place.  And, if you have people who know NOTHING about the product they’re pushing, then you have an entirely crap business model, too.

Actually, now that I think about it, these supplement pitch emails are amusing.  I might start posting them as blogs to discuss the commonalities of cheeseball supplement pimps – as I began to cover in item #13 HERE.

Off to Indy tonight.  Hopefully those pleasant, patient Midwestern folks can calm me down.  Have a great weekend!

4 Responses to “Random Friday Thoughts: 6/26/09”

  1. Cassandra (Cass) Says:

    OMG! I almost laughed my breakfast onto my laptop after reading #2… Justin is a techno fan and it KILLS me. I throw in Slipknot and he fires back with DJ Tiesto. ACK!

  2. Michael Says:

    Hi Eric,

    I just read about your athlete Danny O’ Connor. That got me thinking; what exercises do use at CP in regards to strength training methods to improve punching power? Do you find their is one exercise that when increases in weight the athlete’s punching power improves to?

    Keep up the fantastic work,

  3. Lindsay Says:

    Don’t worry, I’m from the mid-west and my Dad lives in Indy. We’re all fun people! Make sure to go to the Jazz Kitchen!

  4. Mike T Nelson Says:

    Gotta love calming Midwest people! Cass, I forgot that you are a Slipknot fan–yeah!!! I still remember laughing at dinner at Firebirds this past Oct, as I was there again this past Sat.

    Rock on
    Mike T Nelson

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