Random Friday Thoughts: 8/14/09

About the Author: Eric Cressey

1. I work about 315 days per year at Cressey Performance, so when I can get a weekday off, it’s pretty darn special – and that’s the case today.  I got in a great squatting session last night, so I don’t feel quite so bad about staying home today to sit on my duff and catch up on writing, programming, reading, and planning Tony’s Sweet 16 Party (he’s 32, so we’re going to have double the fun with both Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers as themes; isn’t he lucky?).  Actually, it won’t be that exciting; the goal is to get all of the following done before noon (and I’m writing this at 7:13am):

a. this blog
b. the first two blogs for next week
c. one tag-along manual for our new products
d. five programs
e. some emails
f. reading with any time that’s left over

I’m hoping that by mentioning all of this to you that it will make me more accountable to going into tunnel-vision-mode to get it all done.  We shall see…

2. Congratulations to Chad Jenkins of Kennesaw St. – and now the Toronto Blue Jays, who signed a good ol’ $1.359 million contract on Wednesday after being drafted in the first round back in June.  Chad’s been an incredibly hard worker on my programs and deserves all the success that comes his way.  Nice work, buddy!

3.  Here’s a pretty good article about why eggs are actually GOOD for you.  I say “pretty good” not because I think it’s new information to those of us in the know, but because it comes from a registered dietitian in a mainstream publication, who are normally brainwashed to adhere to stupid guidelines.  Kudos to Yahoo on this one, but I’m sorry to say that Dr. John Berardi and others have been preaching this for over a decade.

4. Here is a landmark study on how athletes have gotten taller, heavier, and faster during the past century. You can tell that the study was done by an engineer, because any strength coach could have easily told him that this was the case because resistance training and better nutrition habits were implemented over the course of that time.

5. Right now, in addition to a more geeky textbook, I’m reading Blunder, by Zachary Shore, on Gray Cook’s recommendation.  So far, so good, although I haven’t gotten too far into it (hopefully will this weekend).


Have a great weekend!