Random Friday Thoughts: 8/22/08

About the Author: Eric Cressey

1. There is still no internet at our apartment. Sadly, I’m really not joking. Thanks to everyone for the replies to yesterday’s blog; I wouldn’t wish my Comcast experience on anyone, but to a degree, it helps to know that they screw everyone over and aren’t just singling me out.

2. Stretch sternocleidomastoid like this; it’s super important.

Make sure you’re gentle, though. Broken necks are no fun.

3. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the only time that leg presses don’t suck is if you are someone who is in rehab for a microfracture surgery. The loading isn’t really enough to cause back problems, and partial ROM and non-weight-bearing are desired.

4. One good thing that did come out of not having internet or cable for a week was that I caught up on some journal reading and got around to watching Part 2 of Nick Tumminello’s Warm-up Progressions DVD set. If you have our MM DVD, part 2 would be a nice complement to it; you can pick one up at PerformanceU.net.

5. Gray Cook made an awesome point at a recent seminar when he said, “We never learned to squat; we only learned to stand up.” So, the deadlift is definitely a more “functional” (God, I cringe at that word nowadays) movement if we’re taking a motor development perspective. He goes into some detail in Secrets of the Hip and Knee – a great resource, if you don’t have it.

6. Good luck to all the Cressey Performance athletes playing in the Lynn Invitational this weekend.

7. The entire CP staff is headed to the Patriots preseason game tonight. I usually just did the Boston Globe crossword puzzle during my Human Resources courses back in college, so as far as I’m concerned, this counts as team-building. Forget that “ring around the rosy, obstacle course, paper cup and string telephone” crap.