Random Friday Thoughts: 8/8/08

About the Author: Eric Cressey

1. My girlfriend is good at pullups.

2. Nice front squat, Clark (430).

3. Not to be outdone, here’s a 350 bench and then an easy 315×3 from me.

4. Last night, I managed to convince one of our new high school pitchers that the YMCA dance was good for shoulder health (Y=lower trap activation, M=pec minor stretch, C=external rotator stretch, A=lat stretch). He totally went for it – but when I asked him if he knew the dance, he looked at me like I had two heads. I guess I’m finally getting old and recognizing the generational gap between my high school guys and I…

5. My girlfriend and I are moving back to the city next week. I’ll be ten minutes from Fenway – yet my commute to work is only five minutes longer. Not too shabby – and it’ll be nice to be back closer to all the action.

6. Here is a great review on Maximum Strength and Art of the Deload.

7. I’ve been here (to a degree). Not making weight is the worst feeling in the world – and I can only imagine how rough it is when it’s for the Olympics. My heart goes out to him. Poor guy.

8. As a bit of an experiment, we’re moving to lighter medicine balls with our guys for our throws over the next few months – particularly with our overhead variations. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when we jack up the speed and lower the load a bit – and if it works, I’ll need to brainstorm a bit more on which loads are appropriate for which exercises.

9. Speaking of medicine balls, one of my online consulting clients told me the other day that they have “several” BOSU balls at his gym, but ZERO medicine balls. People really don’t have a clue what functional is anymore, do they?

10. In the most random thought of the week, if you want to be my friend on Facebook, put your shirt on in your profile picture. If you’re that in love with yourself, you probably don’t need friends, weirdo.

Have a good weekend!