Random Sunday Thoughts: 1/11/09

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re a few days late with this post, as I was in Washington, D.C. from Thursday through Saturday for the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society Team Medicine conference.

1. Metallica’s the music choice of the day.  Can you really go wrong with a band that’s this badass with a drummer who used to be a junior tennis prodigy?

2. To start off, I want to congratulate Cressey Performance athlete Mark Hogan on becoming the first ever football scholarship athlete at Georgia St, a new program that will begin play in 2010.

3. It never ceases to amaze me how many people still haven’t grasped the concept of “N=1.”  Maybe I have a skewed perspective on the importance of a big sample size because of my time in the research world?  Perfect example: I get an email from a powerlifter who had shoulder problems for years, and they *magically* disappear when he takes a step back from benching (presumably in terrible form) in favor of doing dips and handstand push-ups.  So, obviously, the logical line of reasoning is that everyone with shoulder problems is only a few hundred dips and handstand push-ups away from shoulder bliss and an altogether utopian society where the glenohumeral Tinkerbell sprinkles fairy dust on labrum tears and bicipital tendinosis to make things allllllllllll better.  Seriously, it’s just logic.

4. I’m sure I’ll get a few email follow-ups to #3 from those interested to know if I have any mythological treatments for knee, elbow, and ankle pain.  For those, I recommend duct tape and a glue gun.  Lower backs, on the other hand, respond best to Indian rain dances.  It’s true.  Four separate individuals (coincidentally, all of them went by the name “Professor N=1”) told me so.

5. On a less cynical note, I had an article published at T-Nation on Tuesday.  Check it out: The Right Way to Stretch the Pecs.

6. As you may have already noticed, we’re still working out some kinks in the site – particularly the Articles and Baseball Content pages.  I promise; we’re getting closer!

7. A few weeks ago, I gave you a heads-up on one Cressey Performance athlete (Shawn Haviland) who has a blog.  It turns out that another one has a good one rolling along, and he deserves some love, too.  Check out Will Inman (Padres system pitcher) at WilliamInman.com.  Good content, but if he calls me a trainer one more time, he’s going to be pushing the sled until the cows come home.

Just a quick one this week.  Have a great weekend.