Random Thursday Thoughts: 9/11/08

About the Author: Eric Cressey

1. Hopefully you all can take at least a few minutes out of your schedule to remember those who were lost in 2001 and their families. (and we’re all sending good vibes your way, Steph)

2. I’ll start off with a bang; high-heels for babies and children is the single-most moronic thing I’ve ever seen. If a grown woman wants to absolutely destroy her lower extremities by wearing heels, that’s her choice. However, putting a baby in a pair of high heels as she’s learning to walk is certifiable. Be careful watching the interview with these people, folks; you will actually get dumber.

Oh, and Britta Bacon? That’s seriously your name? Are you a water filter or a pork product?

3. I finally got around to checking out Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Roussell’s Warpspeed Fat Loss e-book. This thing is fantastic; I’m annoyed with myself for waiting this long to open it up after they sent it my way a while ago.

I’ll actually be doing an interview with Mike on this very topic next week in my newsletter, so stay tuned – or check out Warpspeed Fat Loss yourself in the meantime.

4. Maybe if we didn’t give out drugs so easily, they wouldn’t be contaminating our drinking water. I never heard of teaching people to eat right and exercise leading to pollution…

5. Great quote from an email exchange I had with pitching specialist Ron Wolforth the other day: “I have truly been blessed in having peers who are truly cutting edge and who are more interested in getting it right than being thought of as right.”

6. Speaking of Ron, I just confirmed this past week that I’ll be presenting two one-hour lectures and a hands-on portion at his Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp in Houston on December 12-14. If you’re a baseball coach or you train baseball guys, definitely check this event out; there is going to be a lot of great information and thinking outside the box.

7. Just a quick heads-up: if you have questions about the Maximum Strength program (or any of my products, for that matter), please post them HERE instead of emailing me. I figured a comprehensive thread over at T-Nation would be a good way to get everything in one place. And, for those of you who have purchased Maximum Strength, don’t forget to check out the online FAQ page to which we allude in the book.

Have a good weekend! I’ll be dominating Pete in Fantasy Football this Sunday/Monday.