Reader Poll: What Do YOU Want to See at in 2012?

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I get ideas for content at from a wide variety of sources: clients at Cressey Performance, seminars, DVDs, books, or even just current events that may have parallels in the fitness industry.  That said, though, I always love hearing reader suggestions, as I think it’s important to give my audience a feeling of ownership with my site, as you’re the ones who make it possible and worthwhile for me.

To that end, I’d absolutely love to hear some suggestions on topics you’d like covered at in 2012.  Additionally, if there are particularly mediums (e.g., videos, webinars, individual articles vs. series) that you prefer, please let me know.  The 2011 year was a huge growth year at, and I’m confident that 2012 will be even better – especially with your feedback.

Please post your comments, suggestions, questions, constructive criticisms, and anything else you’d like to “throw out there” in the comments section below.  Thanks!