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Register Now for the 2nd Annual Cressey Performance Fall Seminar

Written on August 8, 2013 at 6:34 pm, by Eric Cressey

I’m psyched to announce that on Sunday, September 22, we’ll be hosting our second annual fall seminar at Cressey Performance.  As was the case with our extremely popular fall event last year, this event will showcase both the great staff we're fortunate to have as part of our team.  Also like last year, we want to make this an affordable event for everyone and create a great forum for industry professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike to interact, exchange ideas, and learn.


Here are the presentation topics:

Cracking the Crossfit Code – Presented by Eric Cressey

Let's face it: Crossfit is here to stay.  With that in mind, it's time for someone to take an unbiased look at how we can make coaches and fitness enthusiasts successful within the scope of this training system.  In this presentation, Eric will look past the emotions people have with respect to this approach, and discuss rationale ways to accentuate the positives while offering solutions for the shortcomings. In short, the goal is to bring people together, not drive two sides further apart.

Training Joe vs. Jane:  Do Women Need to Train Differently Than Men? – Presented by Tony Gentilcore

Should women avoid lifting appreciable weight?  What are the most effective strategies for training women through pregnancy? Is there such a thing as an ACL-Prevention Program?

In this presentation, I will discuss many of the common misconceptions and "myths" relating to training female athletes.  I intend to provide extensive responses and feedback to some of the most frequently asked questions I have encountered relating to the art of strength training for women.

Insulin: The Hormone, The Myth, The Legend – Presented by Brian St. Pierre

Carbs spike insulin and insulin causes fat gain. So, cut the carbs and you'll end up lean and healthy. End of story. Or is it?

While the Paleo and low carb camps loudly proclaim that carbs and insulin are the enemy, the latest science suggests otherwise. In fact, we're starting to learn that high insulin is an effect of being overweight, not a cause. In this session, Brian will explore the real relationship between carbs and insulin, discussing some of the common myths about insulin, and sharing some practical eating strategies you can put into action immediately.

Integrating Corrective Exercise for Performance Enhancement – Presented by Mike Reinold

Often times, muscle imbalances, alignment issues, and movement impairments can lead to injury and decreased performance.  However, corrective exercises are often unsuccessful for various reasons.  By focusing on several key principles, you can maximize your ability to apply corrective exercises to optimize movement and enhance performance.

Getting To Know Your Athlete: Understanding Learning Styles to Be a More Effective Coach – Presented by Chris Howard

In this presentation, I will discuss the different learning styles and how knowledge of this information is helpful in becoming a more effective coach.  I will also delve into the differences between introverted and extroverted clients and how it is necessary to coach and assess them differently.


Excellence In Group Training – Presented by Greg Robins

Group training, small group training, and bootcamps are here to stay. Let me help you understand how I manage the variables associated with group training to optimize a less than ideal scenario. The information presented will be sure to help everyone from the strength and conditioning specialist to commercial fitness professional alike.

The Role of Physical Therapy in a Strength and Conditioning Facility – Presented by Eric Schoenberg

Physical Therapy earns little respect in strength and conditioning circles due to the inability of traditional PTs to properly progress a patient from injury to high-level activity.  This lack of versatility has contributed to an increased role of the strength and conditioning professional in the care of the injured athlete.  But, is there a role for Physical Therapy in the training world?  Physical therapist Eric Schoenberg will share his thoughts on why partnering with the right physical therapist can add great value to your business and improve results for your clients.


Cressey Performance,
577 Main St.
Suite 310
Hudson, MA 01749


Regular – $149.99
Student (must present current student ID at door) – $129.99


Sunday, September 22, 2013
Registration 8:30AM
Seminar 9AM-5:30PM

Continuing Education:

0.7 NSCA CEUs (seven contact hours)

Click Here to Sign-up (Regular)


Click Here to Sign-up (Students)

We’re really excited about this event, and would love to have you join us! However, space is limited and each seminar we’ve hosted in the past has sold out quickly, so don’t delay on signing up!

If you have additional questions, please direct them to cresseyperformance@gmail.com. Looking forward to seeing you there!

28 Responses to “Register Now for the 2nd Annual Cressey Performance Fall Seminar”

  1. Shane Says:

    What an awesome group and so reasonably priced. Sorry I will not be able to make it. Bit far here in Texas. Going to record this?

  2. Eric Cressey Says:

    Sorry, Shane; we won’t be videotaping.

  3. Deborah McConnell Says:

    I plan on making the road trip. Exceptional topics from top notch professionals!!

  4. Tia Says:

    Looks like a great seminar! Do you ever present closer to Vancouver BC?

  5. Kate Whetsel Says:

    I very much wish I was in the continental U.S. so I could attend! Flying in from Germany is not in the cards this Fall, but I am really exicted about all your topics. Very pertinent to my work at our local Army fitness center!

  6. Bob Says:

    Any chance you’ll take this show on the road? The discussion topics are great and personally speaking some of the most relevent topics for me today. But as it was already proclaimed, Texas is a little too far away to make this possible for me.

  7. Kristi Says:

    Do you offer a military discount?

  8. Eric Cressey Says:


    I would be happy to extend the student discount to military as well.

  9. Eric Cressey Says:


    We don’t have any plans to do so, but you can definitely check out Elite Training Mentorship for regularly updated content along these lines.

  10. Eric Cressey Says:


    I’ll actually be presenting in Seattle in October!

  11. Theresa Says:

    Looks like a great lineup with topics that would be really relevant for where I currently am professionally, but unfortunately that’s a long trip from Seattle.
    Any word on what you will be presenting in Seattle? I absolutely want to make it to that one!

  12. Kasper Says:

    Any chance a live-stream options wil be available?

    Greetings from Denmark

  13. Eric Cressey Says:

    Sorry, Kasper; we won’t. You can check out Elite Training Mentorship for online stuff along these lines, though!

  14. Eric Cressey Says:


    I’ll be covering a bunch of shoulder stuff.  Will get the sign-up link posted soon!

  15. Krista Says:

    What are the details of the Seattle seminar (location, cost, audience)? Your website says to contact you for details. thx.

  16. Greg Says:

    Is this seminar eligible for physical therapy and athletic training CEUs?

  17. Carole Says:

    I’m considering flying in from OH because I heard you were the BEST & this line up of speakers looks awesome! Do you offer an AARP discount if I register by Sept 8th? If so, I’m checking flights now!

  18. Eric Cressey Says:

    Hi Carole,

    We don’t, but would still love to see you there!

  19. Eric Cressey Says:


    It isn’t, but with two physical therapists speaking, you should be able to petition your organizations to get the NSCA CEUs accepted.

  20. Eric Cressey Says:


    We’ll be announcing shortly!

  21. Bet Says:

    Is this seminar eligible for ACE CEUs?

  22. Carlos Says:

    I attended your inaugural seminar last year. Traveled from San Francisco. Unfortunately, a troublesome hurricane tip toed behind you and made traveling to and from your venue a little bit of a challenge. I am assuming you cannot control weather (that would be so cool of you could), but is the change of date related to weather conditions? Also, cuddos to you and your staff for doing a great job last year. I look forward to this one.

    PS I might be moving to the Boston area next year. Do you have a volunteer program available for serious inquiries? I want to surround myself with best and the Boston area has at least 2 of them as resources.


  23. Eric Cressey Says:


    You can take the NSCA CEUs and petition ACE to accept them.  They should.

  24. Eric Cressey Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    That was some of it, but it was mostly just a convenient weekend for the most presenters and attendees! 

    RE: observation, yes, by all means, reach out and let us know if you’re interested in coming by.

  25. Greg Scott Says:

    Would this be a good seminar for current CrossFit coaches to attend? I work at a CrossFit a couple towns away and would never pass up an opportunity to bring more knowledge and expertise to our facility. Thanks!

  26. Eric Cressey Says:



  27. juliet Dobbs Says:

    Would love a recording of this.

  28. Eric Cressey Says:

    Sorry, Juliet; not videoing it this year!

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