Review of 8 Months of Show and Go and Maximum Strength

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I just received this feedback from a very happy customer and thought I’d share it with you:

Hi Eric,

I just completed Show and Go last week and tested my lifts yesterday.  I thought you’d like to see the results.

Broad jump:  80″ to 84″
Front box squat:   240 to 265
Bench press:  190 to 210
Trap bar deadlift:  310 to 340
Chin-up 3RM:  220.2 to 234.7

My body composition stayed pretty constant.

Show and Go followed Maximum Strength.  Putting the two together, here are the results from the last 8 months (i.e., pre-Maximum Strength vs. post-Show & Go):

Broad jump: 77″ to 84″
Front box squat: 155 to 265
Bench press: 150 to 210
Trap bar deadlift: 240 to 340
Chin-up 3RM: 197.8 to 234.7.

Not a bad way to spend eight months, especially at almost 43 years old and only 170 lbs.  Thanks to you, I can, for the first time in my life, bench press more than my weight, front squat more than 1.5 times my weight, and deadlift almost twice my weight.

Thanks for producing these workout plans.  I look forward to following the next program you release.


Scott Garland

As you can see, Show and Go makes for a great follow-up strength and conditioning program to Maximum Strength.  If you haven’t checked out both, I (like Scott) would encourage you to do so!

Maximum Strength: Get Your Strongest Body in 16 Weeks with the Ultimate Weight-Training Program

Show and Go: High Performance Training to Look, Feel, and Move Better

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