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Seminar Announcement: Seattle – October 26, 2013

Written on August 27, 2013 at 5:47 pm, by Eric Cressey

I just wanted to give you a heads-up on one-day seminar with me in Seattle on October 26, 2013. We’ll be spending the day geeking out on shoulders, as the event will cover Shoulder Assessment, Corrective Exercise, and Programming.  The event will be geared toward personal trainers, rehabilitation specialists, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

 It will take place at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance in Renton from 9am-5pm. Here’s the agenda:

9:00AM-9:30AM – Inefficiency vs. Pathology (Lecture)
9:30AM-10:15AM – Understanding Common Shoulder Injuries and Conditions (Lecture)
10:15AM-10:30AM – Break
10:30AM-12:30PM – Upper Extremity Assessment (Lab)
12:30PM-1:30PM – Lunch
1:30PM-3:30PM – Upper Extremity Mobility/Activation Drills (Lab)
3:30PM-3:45PM – Break
3:45PM-4:45PM – Upper Extremity Strength and Conditioning Programming: What Really Is Appropriate? (Lecture)
4:45PM-5:00PM – Q&A to Wrap Up

The event is approved for 0.7 NSCA CEUs.

Sorry, this event is now SOLD OUT!

11 Responses to “Seminar Announcement: Seattle – October 26, 2013”

  1. David DeLong Says:

    I’d like to use this for NASM CE credit. Any history with getting CE credit for this seminar??

  2. Eric Cressey Says:

    Hi David,

    Drop me an email at ec@ericcressey.com.  Thanks!

  3. Benjamin Stevens Says:

    Signed-up and ready to rock. I’ll be filling my car with others from the Okanagan.

  4. Theresa Says:

    I will definitely be there!
    How about any history of getting BOC CE credits for the ATCs out there? I will be there regardless.

  5. Eric Cressey Says:


    We won’t have ATC CEUs, but you can certainly petition to have the NSCA CEUs accepted.

  6. Mark Jamantoc Says:

    Hey Eric,

    Will Physical Therapists get CEU credits for this? I know you mentioned rehabilitation specialists there but just making sure, thanks. See you then.


  7. Eric Cressey Says:


    It wasn’t cost or effective to apply for CEUS for PTs, but you might be able to petition to get the credits accepted.  It’s a pretty big “might,” though, as I’m not a PT/DPT.  Sorry!

  8. Mark Jamantoc Says:

    No problem Eric. I am still coming and have registered already, CE credit or not. This is once in a lifetime. See you soon.

    Mark Jamantoc, PT

  9. Graeme Says:

    Really looking forward to this seminar
    Hate to bother you with this but I can’t find my e-mail receipt. I do have it on my credit card statement. Not sure if I need the receipt in order to get into the seminar


  10. Austin Woods Says:

    Having my Doctorate of Physical Therapy, working on my OCS, and seeing a plethora of high level athletes at my clinic, I am just as excited to “geek out” on shoulders this weekend as you! Thank you Luka Hocevar for making this happen! 🙂

  11. Eric Cressey Says:

    Thanks, Austin! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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