Show and Go Review: Get Strong and Destroy Clothes

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I just received this review from a happy customer of Show and Go: High Performance Training to Look, Feel, and Move Better (and grow out of every single piece of clothing you own):


Thought I’d add to your pile of stories about my experience with Show and Go. As a 30 year-old non-athlete who has never truly followed a complete training program, Show and Go really challenged me, brought some great results, and has turned me into a huge snob in the gym (my rest periods are generally spent grimacing at peoples’ form and judging them for their partial range movements/exercise choices). The biggest challenge for me was adapting to the longer workouts/more volume/new exercises. As I reached the end of the program I certainly noticed I had adapted well.

I did not test my 1RM before starting, but I had good estimates and without a doubt I am much stronger and much more confident in my body to handle heavier loads. My results:

1RM Deadlift  – 380 (approx. +60lbs)
1RM Front Squat – 245 (approx +55lbs)
1RM Bench Press – 260 (approx +30lbs)

Other stats of note:

– Gained about 9lbs even though I know I don’t eat enough
– Literally ripped the back of 5 pairs of pants bending over or sitting down (and grew out of most of the rest of them)
– Grew out of almost all my suits (pants and jackets)

I’ll be coming back to Cressey Performance in the next few weeks to get a new program in person and can’t wait. Hopefully my legs/butt will settle down and stop growing out of pants. It’s getting to be an expensive hobby for someone who has to dress up for work everyday.

Thanks for this program. It was what I needed and it worked. Your blog and Tony’s blog helped with continued motivation and instruction throughout.

You guys have a good thing going. Looking forward to what’s next.

Zach Stanley

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran lifter, I’d encourage you to check out the program that had Zach splitting pants and moving big weights: Show and Go.

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