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SI Joint Relief

Written on May 9, 2007 at 5:37 pm, by Eric Cressey

My SI joint have given me major problems for the last 3-4months. I have received some fairly effective treatment from my Chiro but need to get some tips on corrective exercise. I own your Magnificent Mobility DVD. What movements should I avoid/focus on?

Try this:

Foam Rolling, then
X-band Walks
Supine Bridges
Warrior Lunge Stretch Static – 15s/side
IT Band Stretch Static – 15s/side
Calf Mobilizations
High Knee Walks
Pull-Back Butt Kicks
Cradle Walks
Overhead Lunge Walk
Walking Spidermans
Scap Pushups

There are a lot more I’d use with you, but these are the ones on the DVD. Stay away from anything that involved twisting/rotation.

As far as rehab is concerned I understand i have to:
Go for walks.
Activation work for abs/glutes.
Improve length/tension relationship of hip related musculature.
Strengthen multifidi

Etc? Yikes. Don’t worry about isolating multifidi; you can’t do it.

I would recommend you do the following daily:

Side bridges
Supine bridges
Avoid Crunches.

Start with Isometrics for abs/lower back and slowly progress and avoid hyperextension at all costs.

With regards to weight training I am thinking:

Now machine work. Leg ext/curls/GHR
light front squats.
=> BW one legged movements
Dynamic Sumo deads
Oly squats
power squats

Any tips for me?

A lot of single-leg movements, and glute-emphasis pull-throughs are good. Can’t really say much about squats and deadlifts without seeing your form.

Eric Cressey

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2 Responses to “SI Joint Relief”

  1. Alan Says:

    Would you recommend anything different for Piriformis “deep buttock” Syndrome? There is no leg pain involved. Only trigger point tenderness with slight back pain mostly with twisting movements.

  2. DD90 Says:

    Not that I would presume to be able to add much to ECs advice, but I had recurring SI joint pain last year. After dropping ~ 60 lbs, it magically went away. Dont know if this is relevant to the OP, but it is something to consider….

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