SI Joint Relief

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My SI joint have given me major problems for the last 3-4months. I have received some fairly effective treatment from my Chiro but need to get some tips on corrective exercise. I own your Magnificent Mobility DVD. What movements should I avoid/focus on?

Try this:

Foam Rolling, then
X-band Walks
Supine Bridges
Warrior Lunge Stretch Static – 15s/side
IT Band Stretch Static – 15s/side
Calf Mobilizations
High Knee Walks
Pull-Back Butt Kicks
Cradle Walks
Overhead Lunge Walk
Walking Spidermans
Scap Pushups

There are a lot more I’d use with you, but these are the ones on the DVD. Stay away from anything that involved twisting/rotation.

As far as rehab is concerned I understand i have to:
Go for walks.
Activation work for abs/glutes.
Improve length/tension relationship of hip related musculature.
Strengthen multifidi

Etc? Yikes. Don’t worry about isolating multifidi; you can’t do it.

I would recommend you do the following daily:

Side bridges
Supine bridges
Avoid Crunches.

Start with Isometrics for abs/lower back and slowly progress and avoid hyperextension at all costs.

With regards to weight training I am thinking:

Now machine work. Leg ext/curls/GHR
light front squats.
=> BW one legged movements
Dynamic Sumo deads
Oly squats
power squats

Any tips for me?

A lot of single-leg movements, and glute-emphasis pull-throughs are good. Can’t really say much about squats and deadlifts without seeing your form.

Eric Cressey

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