Speed vs. Reps, Round Pegs in Square Holes, and Ignorant Coaches

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Some recommended reading for the day:

The Dynamic Method vs. the Repetition Method – A common question among resistance training beginners who’ve begun to “think outside the box” is whether they should bother using the dynamic method with their strength exercises if they aren’t all that strong (yet).  I answer this common inquiry in this blog post.

6 Mistakes: Fitting Round Pegs into Square Holes – This T-Nation article from a while back highlights some situations where it’s important to not force something that just isn’t there.

“My Coach Says I Shouldn’t Lift” – This was one of those pieces that was just fun to write because it’s such a ridiculous recommendation from a coach – but the sad truth is that it’s happening all the time across the country.  So, spread the word and help some kids out!

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