Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 11/18/19

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Let’s kick off the week with some recommended reading and listening from around the ‘Net:

Eric Cressey Talks Shoulders and Modern Baseball – I joined Jason Glass on his podcast to discuss baseball training and much more.

He told a kid to slide. Then he got sued. – This is a great write-up on a legal battle with implications for every coach. It’s scary to think that our society is this litigious, particularly when it comes to a well-intentioned, under compensated high school baseball coach.

Todd Hamer: Getting Fired, Re-creating Yourself, and Shaping Your Role – Todd Hamer is one of my favorite people in the strength and conditioning field, and he shares some excellent career insights on this podcast with Brett Bartholomew.

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One of the most important “competencies” for being a durable pitcher is having as much active control of your passive external rotation range-of-motion at the shoulder. 👇 It’s a big red flag for me when I see a pitcher with loads of passive external rotation (measured in supine) who is weak as a kitten in a prone external rotation against gravity past 90 degrees of external rotation. Here, @ckluber28 shows off really good active control over a big ROM on a prone external rotation end-range lift-off. Notice that he avoids the most common substitution patterns: wrist extension, elbow flexion, elbow extension, and scapular depression. 👏, Corey. 👍 I would call this exercise a motor control drill. We use it in warm-ups and as fillers between medicine ball drills. It complements cuff strength and timing drills nicely in a comprehensive arm care program. 👊 Apologies for the shaky camera work. I get excited when I see good arm care work in action.😂 #cspfamily #clevelandindians

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