Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 12/7/11

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Here’s this week’s list of recommended strength and conditioning reading:

The Effects of Stable versus Unstable Surface Training on Performance of Division II Female Soccer Players – I was psyched to see this presented in the most recent Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, as these researchers verified the findings of my master’s thesis.  Essentially, we found that even a small dosage of unstable surface training interferes with the development of strength, power, and aerobic capacity.  For more information, I’d encourage you to check out The Truth About Unstable Surface Training, which summarizes our findings, rationale, and practical applications.

The President’s Cancer Panel Report – I thought Brian St. Pierre did a great job of presenting this valuable information very succinctly; it’s all stuff that we should know.

The Contreras Files: Volume 1 – I love reading Bret Contreras’ stuff because he is constantly working to add to the body of knowledge, whether it’s in doing research of his own, or translating research into usable formats for coaches, trainers, and lifters.  This is a great example.

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