Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 2/2/16

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Happy February, everyone! Let’s kick off the month with some good reading from the strength and conditioning world:

Why Rehabilitation and Fitness Should Be Delivered in Parallel – I thought this was a fantastic article from Charlie Weingroff.  Collaborative efforts between fitness professionals and rehabilitation specialists always make for better patient outcomes.

Captivology – I just finished up this book from Ben Parr, and there are definitely some useful lessons for coaches looking to maintain athletes’ attention and avoid “desensitization” to important messages. 


My Favorite Thing About Owning a Gym – Here’s another awesome post from my business partner at Cressey Sports Performance – Massachusetts. Pete always delivers unique insights when it comes to the business side of fitness.

Speaking of CSP, just a friendly reminder that we just announced the Cressey Sports Performance – Florida spring seminar, which will take place on March 13 at our Jupiter, FL facility. You can learn more HERE.

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