Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 7/26/19

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Here’s a little recommended reading/listening to take you into the weekend:

Naval Ravikant Podcast Compilation – I mentioned this in a blog earlier this week, so it warranted reiteration: this is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to, and it’s not even close. The title is “How to Get Rich,” but I look at it far more from a career planning standpoint than truly just accumulating money. He shares some outstanding insights on wealth vs. status. Listen to this with a notebook ready; you’ll have a ton of one-liners to write down.

EC on the School of Calisthenics Podcast – Here’s another podcast that I hopped on a few weeks ago. We talked a lot about shoulder function, particularly as it relates to bodyweight training.

Will the Approaching Recession Bury Your Fitness Business? – My business partner, Pete Dupuis, just published this and I think it’s a must-read for any gym owner in light of what seems likely to occur in the next year or two.

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It’s not uncommon to hear overhead athletes say that they avoid overhead lifts as a way to protect against injury in training or as a way to “save bullets. Unfortunately, they fail to recognize that going overhead: 1️⃣ improves shoulder flexion mobility 2️⃣ enhances scapular upward rotation 3️⃣ challenges reflexive rotator cuff recruitment 4️⃣ trains core control and lower-to-upper body force transfer 🤔 The truth is that overhead reaching – both unloaded and loaded – is incredibly important for counteracting some of the negative adaptations we see with throwers. The secret to making overhead training work in these populations is to appropriately select drills that are a good fit for each athlete’s movement competencies. A TRX Y or bottoms-up KB waiter’s wall are much less stressful than a barbell military press. #cspfamily

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