Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 9/1/20

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Happy September! It’s been a few weeks since I posted a recommended reading list. Here goes…

Intangibles: Unlocking the Science and Soul of Team Chemistry – This recent release from Joan Ryan is the best book I’ve read in 2020. If you’re involved in strength and conditioning or team sports in any capacity, I’d call it a must-read.

The Most Important Coaching Responsibility – I wrote this last year, but in light of how many people are acting on social media these days, it seemed like a good time to reaffirm the importance of staying away from negative influences.

Why It’s So Hard to Find Dumbbells in the US – This is an entertaining piece in light of the crazy times of 2020.

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I came across this picture of Josh Hader’s delivery (via @brewers) the other day, and it was yet another reminder to always check the neck first when you see more distal (shoulder, elbow, etc.) symptoms in an overhead throwing population. When you consider the lateral flexion of his cervical spine in conjunction with the shoulder abduction and external rotation, elbow flexion, and wrist extension each throw is effectively an upper limb tension test on the nerves (and vascular structures) that run from the brachial plexus down to the fingertips. What exacerbates this tension? 👇 1. Increased cervical lateral flexion 2. Insufficient clavicular upward rotation 3. Insufficient scapular upward rotation and posterior tilt 4. Increased shoulder external rotation 5. Poor glenohumeral (ball on socket) control 6. “Gritty” tissue density from neck-to-hand that interferes with nerves gliding smoothly 7. Increased wrist extension (to a lesser degree, in my experience) Regardless of what you think might be in play, always start with the neck. I think the Selective Functional Movement Assessment four-part cervical screen (swipe left) is a great place to start. #cspfamily

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