Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 9/16/11

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Here’s this week’s list of recommended strength and conditioning reading:

40 Years of Insight: Part 1 and Part 2 – This two-part series from Dan John was fantastic and should be recommended reading for not only those in the strength and conditioning field, but also those who lift weights for health, performance, and recreation.

Contemporary Cardio – This piece by Charlie Weingroff was an excellent look at how his thoughts on cardio have evolved.  It is a bit “sciency,” but very informative.  I can tell you from our experience over the past 18 months with PRI that the comments on “breathing diaphragmatically” are spot-on with everything from improved work capacity to reduced tone in undesirable places.

Real Deal Baseball Training – Just a friendly reminder that the introductory sale on this product ends tonight at midnight.  The feedback I’ve received via email from those who have purchased on my recommendation the other day has been quite positive.

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