Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 9/4/17

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Happy Labor Day! I hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend and not laboring too hard. In the event you’re laying low and relaxing today, here are a few reading/listening recommendations for your weekend.

Upcoming Atlanta Seminar – Just a quick heads-up that I announced a new date for my one-day shoulder course. it’ll be in Atlanta on November 5.

Game Changer – I’m just 60 pages into this new release from Fergus Connolly (Performance Director for the University of Michigan football team) and it’s excellent. If sports science intrigues you, I’d definitely recommend you give it a read. I got an advanced copy, but it officially publishes on 9/5 and is well worth the pre-order.

Gym Owner Musings: Installment 7 – My business partner, Pete Dupuis, always has some good thoughts to share in these features.

My Favorite “Catch-All” Assessment – A discussion last week reminded me to “reincarnate” this popular article I wrote a few years ago about the overhead lunge walk.

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*Narrow exercise selections make for impressive lifters, but less impressive athletes.* 👇 With our typical minor league baseball player, we may actually have time to get through six 4-week programs over the course of an offseason. In six months – especially if we happen to have an athlete who is genetically gifted for strength development – we *could* get guys freaky strong on a few big lifts. We choose not to, however. Why? 🤔 A narrow exercise selection can lead to some very impressive weight room performances on a few lifts: squat, bench press, deadlift, clean, etc. This specificity can be great if you want to be a one (or three) trick pony (powerlifter), but not quite as helpful if you’re an athlete who actually needs to change directions, demonstrate motor control at extreme ranges of motion, and handle a variety of sport-specific loads and velocities. ⚾️ Here, @ryancusick33 demonstrates some of the “athletic versatility” that made him a 95mph arm and @wakebaseball commit in the 2018 class. Additional thoughts in the comments below. #cspfamily #sportsperformance #pitching #SportsMedicine #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #deadlift #turkishgetup

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