Stuff You Should Read: 3/17/10

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I was actually going to take today off – not just in honor of my Irish heritage, but because I was hoping to work from home and catch up on work.  As it turns out, I went in to the facility for our staff in-service (given by Brian St. Pierre, who is featured below), some coaching of a dozen or so of our in-season baseball guys, and a quick training session of my own.  Long story short, my “day off” turned into six hours at the facility, plus almost three hours in the car thanks to Boston traffic and a bunch of detours due to flooding after all the rain we’ve received.

Long story short, all this means that I didn’t get around to writing a blog today – but fortunately for me, a few other bright minds did:

The China Study Fallacy – This is a great piece from Brian St. Pierre on how flawed the perspectives of many “experts” is when it comes to interpreting the results of the China Study.  It’s an awesome read.

Measuring Humeral Retroversion – This blog from Mike Reinold will interest those in the crowd who are (like me) shoulder geeks.  If you train overhead throwing athletes, you definitely better understand retroversion.  It’s a concept Mike and I spend considerable time on in our new Optimal Shoulder Performance DVD set.

The Proactive Patient – This is definitely one of the articles that I enjoyed writing the most, as it teaches people to be advocates for themselves during the process of trying to get/stay healthy.