Stuff You Should Read: 3/17/11

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Here are some links I’d encourage you to check out this week:

Understanding Elbow Pain – Part 3: Pitching Injuries – With recent (medial) elbow injuries to Adam Wainwright and Andrew Bailey – and the fact that the high school baseball season starts next week here in Massachusetts – this article is a timely read because it talks about the causes of elbow injuries in throwing, and how those injuries may be different for a young pitcher than an adult pitcher.  The follow-up article (Part 4), Protecting Pitchers, is an important subsequent read, too.

Case Study: Anterior Knee Pain in a High School Runner – My buddy Shon Grosse, a physical therapist in Colmar, PA, just got his blog off the ground and will be doing some case study presentations.  What I love about Shon is that he’s not just a skilled physical therapist, but also an informed consumer when it comes to everything from strength and conditioning, to track and field, to martial arts.  You’ll see this reflected in his treatment strategies.  This will make for a great regular read for up-and-coming physical therapists.

An Interview with Bret Contreras – Dean Somerset interviewed Bret on his blog, and as it typically the case, Bret really overdelivered on content.  That man can write!

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