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Stuff You Should Read: 5/29/11

Written on May 29, 2011 at 4:14 am, by Eric Cressey

It’s been a while since I sent out a few recommended reading ideas, so here goes…

Cracking the Code on Muscle ImbalancesMuscle Imbalances Revealed has become a continuing education mainstay for our interns when they start with us, and with a new class about to get underway, it made me realize that this recap of the product I wrote a while back has slipped into the archives of my site.  There is a lot of good information here; check it out.

Why Bodybuilders are More Jacked than Powerlifters – Trust me when I say that the writing and research in this T-Nation article is far superior to what the title implies.  Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfield did an excellent job with it.

Coaching Neutral Neck, Spine, and Wrist – This three-part series by Mike Robertson was very well done, as it includes a lot of valuable coaching cues for your strength training programs.  It includes several videos for those of you who are visual learners.

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One Response to “Stuff You Should Read: 5/29/11”

  1. Ray McCarthy Says:


    Yes it has been a while since you mentioned some recomended reading. I for one really appreciate it.
    When I was a kid there was very little to read on training. Now there is so much I think good strength coaches and trainers need to filter out a lot and spend their time reading the best.

    Thanks for putting this list together I for one would love if you could put togther these short lists from time to time. With limitede time we need to be laser focussed on what we spend out time reading.

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