Stuff You Should Read: 6/22/11

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Here’s some recommended reading for the week:

BSPMG Review – Charlie Weingroff was one of the presenters at the Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group’s annual event, and in this great review, he summarizes many of the key takeaways from the weekend.

Want to Get Strong?  Quit Switching Strength Training Programs Every Week. – This is a little blast from the past here at  Even if you understand the key message without reading it, you should at least give it a look just to watch some funny YouTube clips.

Shapeshifter – Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock introduced this product yesterday.  It’s a good fit for those of you who need body weight training workouts exclusively because you don’t have access to any equipment.  Training without external load will never be optimal, but these guys do a good job of pulling together some innovative exercises in an organized format to provide a training effect for those who don’t have all the amenities a gym offers.

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