Stuff You Should Read: 6/27/11

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Here are some recommended strength and conditioning reads to kick off the week:

Perfecting the 1-leg RDL – My business partner, Tony Gentilcore, troubleshoots this commonly-screwed-up exercise in a video blog with lots of great coaching cues.

An Intelligent Answer to a Dumb Question – This blast from the past talks about the value of single-leg training and reviews Mike Robertson’s great product, The Single-Leg Solution.

The Fibroblaster IASTM Tool – This post from Jacob Fey on Mike Reinold’s site describes the Fibroblaster, a new instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization tool, that was actually designed and manufactured by Fey himself.  Jacob’s a buddy of CP’s own Chris Howard, and as a result, we’ve had a chance to experience the Fibroblaster first-hand in the manual therapy that’s done at Cressey Performance.  It’s a fantastic implement with a promising feature, for sure.

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