Stuff You Should Read: 6/29/09

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Here’s this week’s list of great reads:

If We Know We Shouldn’t, Why Do We Still? – This blog post from Dr. Jason Harris is a fantastic commentary on the overuse of diagnostic imaging – particularly with lower back pain patients – and the negative impacts these diagnostic results can have on patient outcomes and ease of treatment.  I learned about Dr. Harris’ blog through Mike Reinold and have been a regular reader every since; the information is fantastic (THIS was by far my favorite post; very good info).

The True Role of the Rhomboids – This is an old newsletter from some guy named Cressey.  Not sure if he knows his arse from his elbow.

Five Pounds is Gold – I really liked this article from Myles Kantor.  It’s short, but makes an outstanding point – using world-record deadlifter Andy Bolton as the example.