Stuff You Should Read: 9/27/10

About the Author: Eric Cressey

The good news is that I survived my bachelor party on Saturday night, but the bad news is that it pretty much wiped out my productivity this past weekend.  Fortunately, I was planning to throw a few gems from the archives your way, anyway.  Check out the following:

21st Century Nutrition: Talking Shop with Dr. John Berardi – JB is a good friend and a smart dude – and with Precision Nutrition rolling out a nutrition certification this week, it seemed like a great day to give this interview with him some love.

The “Don’t Squat” Recommendation – We’ve all heard it – and all wanted to vomit because of it. It’s worth a read.

Lats: Not Just for Pulldowns – The thing I remember most vividly about this article was that I wrote it faster and easier than any other contribution I’ve ever made to T-Nation.  It literally rolled off my fingers without hesitation.  I guess that means that I was 100% sure about it.

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