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Sturdy Shoulders, Big Bench

Written on September 22, 2008 at 9:26 pm, by Eric Cressey

Anthony Lucia is a guy who came to Cressey Performance just over eight weeks ago with some chronic, painful shoulder issues – and he had just pre-tested for the Maximum Strength program. I gave him some takeaway mobility and soft tissue drills, plus a few subtle modifications to the Maximum Strength program. This morning, I got this email from him:

“Hey Eric,

“I just thought I’d give you some feedback. I have been doing MS for 8 weeks now, in fact I just started phase 3 today. On packing day my shoulder hurt so much I tried to bench 245 and just about couldn’t rerack it. After seeing you personally, and 8 weeks of stretching and stretching and stretching, I benched 285 for 1 the other day, with no discomfort!

“You set straight an average gym guy with 25 years of lifting experience, who thought he knew it all. In fact, after I told my dad (age 70) what you did for me, he went out and bought your book.

“I can honestly say, I never believed in stretching, I thought my warm-ups were good enough. Boy, was I wrong. Stretching has made me more flexible, and most importantly more aware of my form and balance.

“You have helped me with my recovery so much, thank you. I can’t wait for the sequel to Maximum Strength!”

Anthony Lucia

South Hadley, MA

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3 Responses to “Sturdy Shoulders, Big Bench”

  1. Maximus Says:

    Couldn’t agree more…. you know what it did for my bench. I couldn’t do 185 a year ago without my neck and shoulders hurting.

  2. Boris Says:

    when you list exercises as B1 and B2 in max strength book and ask to do 3 of B1 and 4 of B2, does that really mean alternate B1 and B2 3 times and then rest and to one extra set of B2? No misprint? Also, can the order of B1 and B2 be switched?

  3. overdrive23 Says:

    Your mobility drills have changed my training career for the best after 7yrs of training very hard.

    I will never be without that in my program!


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