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Stuff You Should Read: 9/10/09

This week is a stand-alone recommendation just because I think it's an important one.  It comes from CP staff member and nutrition expert Brian St. Pierre: The Real Truth of Acai At least once a week, someone tries to sell me MonaVie in quite possibly the most obnoxious pyramiding scheme in retail history.    It gets old really quickly - so I just ignore those solicitations altogether. Amen, Brian.  Amen.
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Stuff You Should Read: 7/15/09

Here's a collection of stuff I encourage you to check out this week: The Return of BSP - I really enjoyed CP staff member Brian St. Pierre's latest blog post on supplements.  Some people just need a smack in the face to wake up from idiocy. Research links Nicotine to Pre-Diabetes - And you thought that only junk carbs, poor genes, and a lack of exercise makes folks insulin resistant.  In reality, it sounds like smoking does as well. Self-Ankle Mobilization to Increase Dorsiflexion - Here's a cool new video Bill Hartman just posted on ankle mobilizations.  I've used stuff like this in the past on my own ankle and it definitely makes the mobilization more effective.

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