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I've been very outspoken in the past about my distaste for the baseball showcases.  In fact, my article, Baseball Showcases: A Great Way to Waste Money and Get Injured, is one of the more popular baseball pieces I've written for EricCressey.com.

Apparently, however, the flaws of showcases aren't limited to baseball, though; football combines are equally silly.  Fortunately, breaking down the numbers on high school combines can also be wildly entertaining, as the folks at SB Nation demonstrated with an outstanding article yesterday.  I'd normally include something like this as a "Stuff You Should Read" feature, but this article was so well done that it deserved its own blog post today.  Check it out - and keep in mind that this was intended to be very sarcastic, even though the 40-yard dash times reported are completely accurate.  Be sure to read all the way to the end for the punch line.

--> Comparing NFL and High School 40-Yard Dash Times: A Horrifying Revelation <--

Kudos to Patrick Vint on an excellent piece. Hopefully the word gets out.

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