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CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Josh Lindblom

We're excited to welcome Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Lindblom to this week's podcast. Josh speaks about his path to the big leagues, his time pitching in Korea, and how his expansive pitch mix came about.

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Show Outline

  • How Josh developed as a youth athlete from Indiana into a third round draft pick out of high school
  • What Josh’s rationale was for attending the University of Tennessee rather than entering professional baseball out of high school
  • Why Josh chose to leave Tennessee after his freshman season to attend the University of Purdue
  • How Josh managed switching between starting and relieving throughout his career
  • Why Josh struggled to remain a mainstay in the show through the 2011-2014 seasons
  • How battling comparisons and searching for his identity as a pitcher kept Josh from becoming the best version of himself on the mound
  • Why bouncing around in the big leagues wasn’t the stability Josh wanted for his career and why he chose to take an opportunity to play ball overseas in the KBO in 2015
  • How Josh managed the increased pressure of being an American, ex-MLB player on a KBO roster and the huge usage spike that went along with that
  • What the Korean Baseball experience was like for Josh and how the baseball culture, allotment of talent, and accessibility to resources in the KBO differ from that of the ranks of American pro ball
  • How the game of baseball is played differently in Korea compared to the game played in the U.S. and what nuances Josh had to adapt to to thrive in this new style of play
  • How Josh’s pitching approach transformed through his experience in Korea, including the development of new pitches and learning to better attack left handed hitters
  • What Josh’s thought process is for throwing his splitter consistently and how he has worked to shape the pitch to specifically complement his fastball
  • How Josh’s pitch arsenal has evolved through the progression of his career
  • How Josh manages his throwing and training regime on a 5-day rotation
  • Why Josh chooses not to throw the day following a start and why pitchers shouldn’t lose sleep over taking an off day from throwing
  • How better understanding his daily workload and learning to better manage stress has transformed his preparation strategies
  • What experience Josh has working with the coaches at IFAST and how they’ve helped him connect the dots between the purpose of his training and performing at the highest level
  • You can follow Josh on Twitter at @JoshLindblom52 and on Instagram at @jlboomer25.

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