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CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Rick Ankiel

We're excited to welcome retired MLB pitcher and outfielder Rick Ankiel to this week's podcast. Rick's incredible story has been the feature of multiple documentaries, and he has some awesome insights to share for players, coaches, and parents. A special thanks to this show's sponsor, Marc Pro. Head to www.MarcPro.com and enter the coupon code CRESSEY at checkout to receive 10% off on your order.

Show Outline

  • What Rick’s experience was like as he battled command issues as a young pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
  • What the initial stages of Rick’s mental struggles as a pitcher were
  • How Rick made his comeback from the yips as a pitcher in 2005, and what strategies and routines he implemented that were most impactful for his consistency on the mound
  • How identifying what variables he could and couldn’t control and keeping baseball simple helped Rick find mental stability as a player
  • How organizations are evolving in how they prepare their young draft picks to be successful baseball stars of the future
  • What the mental concerns are for young stars as they ascend to the big league stage
  • Why players need to establish their circle of trust to be successful in professional baseball, and what strategies young players can implement to find security in their early career
  • What Rick’s advice is for the young draft picks and prospects
  • How the obsessive pursuit of excellence in baseball leads players to being consumed by their shortcomings and defined by their career on the field
  • How a player’s reluctance to care can be a defining factor of their likelihood to succumb to the mental dilemmas like the yips
  • What the biggest misconception about the yips is
  • How coaches and teammates of a struggling athlete can work to better identify those who need help and implement steps to make a real difference
  • How being genuine with ballplayers and asking “What can I do to help you?” can start a powerful conversation towards aiding in someone’s mental state
  • What was the difference for Rick was in preparing for games as a pitcher and a hitter
  • How Rick approached his throwing program as he transitioned from being pitcher to an outfielder
  • What the biggest adjustment Rick had to make as he has transitioned to a career in broadcasting

You can follow Rick on Twitter at @TheeRickAnkiel and on Instagram at @TheeRickAnkiel. And, be sure to check out his awesome book, The Phenomenon.

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