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The Best Baseball Resource Out There

Written on February 5, 2009 at 8:19 am, by Eric Cressey

This is a bold subject line, I know, but I really do feel that strongly about it.  And, I’m honored to be one of the speakers featured on the “ticket” for this DVD set.  In fact, I feel so strongly that I’m going to kick in a sweet bonus for anyone who purchases, so read on.

Multiple times each week, I have someone ask me why I haven’t gotten my act together and put together a baseball product.  My response is always the same: “There is a ton to cover, and just when I feel like I’m ready to put something in writing and on tape, I evolve a little bit more.  Plus, I just don’t have time right now because I’m so busy actually training players that I don’t have the time to give such a project the attention it deserves.”

Fortunately for me, though, Ron Wolforth brought together some of the best minds in the business at his Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp in December – and what resulted was a great product that should be a part of the libraries of EVERY baseball coach, baseball strength coach, and baseball parent.  This DVD set really is that good simply because it’s so versatile.  Here is what you get:

Brent Strom– St. Louis Cardinals- The Histrionics of Pitching Mechanics- Separating Fact from Fiction: a Return to ‘Classic Mechanics’. The Key Mechanical Efficiencies: Intent, Momentum, Rhythm and Tempo, Arm Action & Pelvic Loading

Ron Wolforth-Pitching Central- Neuromuscular Blending- Getting your Drills to transfer over to the Game  & Pitchers on the Ropes – Assisting your pitchers to be explosive, dynamic and durable using ropes and chains

Eric Cressey– Cressey Performance- Building The Complete and Superior Pitching Athlete- The Common Myths and misconceptions regarding strength development and conditioning of the pitching athlete which actually inhibit or constrain their performance and development.

Phil Donley– What is GIRD? Why is it a problem for pitchers? How to prevent it and treat it!-What is a Sick Scapula? Why is it a problem for pitchers? How to prevent it and treat it!-What are common Mobility and Asymmetry Issues for Pitchers? Why every pitching coach in America should pay attention to their pitcher’s mobility and core asymmetries? How to identify issues, prevent them and correct them.

Perry Husband– Understanding the Concept of Effective Velocity

Joe Fletcher-The Recovery Process for Pitchers. How one can greatly enhance a pitcher’s recovery via nutrition, the food/ fuel you consume, the type and duration of your workouts, your mechanical efficiencies and your mental/emotional states

Tom Hanson-The Mental Side of Pitching

Andy Whitney– Using Kettlebells in Baseball

Essentially, you’ve got an exhaustive research for dealing with baseball players – and pitchers, in particular.  The majority of us presenters were involved in hands-on sessions where we went over assessments and training strategies – and the panel Q&A sessions were great as well.

I can tell you that the stuff in my presentation is a lot of information that I hadn’t put in writing or seminar format prior to this date, and it details a lot of what I do with my high school, college, and professional ballplayers.

And, if you are interested in preventing elbow and shoulder issues, you absolutely have to see Phil Donley speak.  It should be “required viewing” for any coach, trainer, and physical therapist that deals with baseball players.  A long-time rehabilitation consultant for the Phillies, Phil is absolutely brilliant and has rehabilitated loads of multi-million dollar arms.

Ron and Brent are the guys pushing the envelope for pitching coaches to think outside the box and do special things with athletes.  Ron’s Baseball Ranch down in Houston has produced LOADS of guys throwing 90+mph in recent years.

Perry Husband’s presentation absolutely blew me away.  This guy charted every pitch in Major League Baseball in 2004 and came up with some awesome conclusions that can really dictate pitch selection.

So, effectively, you’ve got a resource that will teach you performance enhancement, injury prevention, strategic planning, and regeneration.  It’s already an incredible value, but I’m going to sweeten the deal:

From now until midnight on Saturday February 14, if you purchase the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp DVD set and forward your email confirmation receipt to ec@ericcressey.com, I’ll send you a free e-version of my Ultimate Off-Season Manual, which has never been available as an e-book – until now.  This is a $99 value and the offer won’t be around for long, so pick up a copy of the UPCBC DVD Set now!


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6 Responses to “The Best Baseball Resource Out There”

  1. woody Says:

    Hi Eric
    I am a cricket professional here in the UK, i have retired from playing and now run the JW Cricket Academy as Director/Head coach. i am really interested in your training methods, do you have any experience with cricket, do you ever come to the UK? If so would be really keen to meet up. i do come to the States every summer for 5 weeks part work part vacation so could get hold of you then. I believe it would be good to get someone like you invoved in cricket.

    your thoughts

    Julian Wood

  2. ROBERT Says:

    I have just recently found your website and find it very informative.
    Is there a basic in season baseball strength and conditioning program you would recommend for 9-12 graders?

  3. Eric Cressey Says:


    Thanks for your email and interest.

    While I don’t have a true baseball training program out (yet), from a strength and conditioning standpoint, Show and Go (www.showandgotraining.com) would be a good fit for you as long as you put some of the following modifications in place:


    This would give you a bit of background on one of many pitchers who have done well with the program:




  4. Aaron Says:


    I know this is an old post, but is there any place I can still purchase the Bootcamp DVD? Or is there a newer version?


    Aaron Tarr
    Head Coach, George C Marshall High School
    Falls Church, VA

  5. Eric Cressey Says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I don’t think it’s available.  What topics are you looking to cover?  I can give you a more up-to-date recommendation.



  6. Kyle Says:

    Hey Mr. Cressey. I’ve been struggling to find much information on Joe Fletcher. It is a very common name but I could only find a very minimal amount of information on him. I think that the way you described his skill set is what I really need to incorporate in my training program.

    I looked on youtube but couldn’t find a whole lot. Does he have a website or something that you could direct me to? That would be perfect thank you!

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