The Best of 2011: Videos

About the Author: Eric Cressey

In continuing with our “Best of 2011” theme to wrap up the year, today, I’ve got the top videos of the year.

The Cressey Performance Elite Baseball Development Video – This was something that we needed to do simply to outline how we approach off-season development for our baseball clients, but it ended up being a lot of fun to be a part of, as a lot of the staff and athletes took a genuine interest in how it’d turn out. A special thanks goes out to Matt and Jamie at Lasting Memories Videotaping for making it happen.

Tyler Beede Draft Reaction – This was a fun night not just because of the obvious excitement of having 120 people at your house (yes, this is my living room), but because it was awesome just to appreciate just how far Tyler had coming as a person and an athlete since he started training with us back in 2008.

Reverse Crunch Technique – This two-minute video on coaching the reverse crunch was part of a popular blog, Down on Lumbar Flexion in Strength Training Programs? Enter the Reverse Crunch.

How to Create a Real Strength and Conditioning Program – This is one of the webinars I created around the re-launch of Show and Go back in October.

How to Create an Imbalanced Strength and Conditioning Program that Works – I released this webinar just a few weeks after the first one, as I was feeling the “webinar mojo” and this had been a topic I’d want to cover for quite some time.

Those were my top five videos of the year, but there were definitely plenty more you may have missed.  Luckily, you can check them out on my YouTube Channel.

I’ll be back tomorrow with one last “Best of 2011” feature.

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