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The Best of 2014: Strength and Conditioning Videos

Written on December 28, 2014 at 1:49 pm, by Eric Cressey

With my last post, I kicked off the "Best of 2014" series with my top articles of the year. Today, we'll highlight the top five videos of the year. These videos only include instructional videos, not quick exercise demonstrations.

1. Thoracic Mobility and Back Squatting - Upper back positioning is a key factor in squat technique, but not everyone starts in the same position. Check out the video to learn more:

2. Serratus Wall Slide Variations - Serratus anterior is an incredibly important muscle for shoulder health and function. Here are two exercises we use in our serratus anterior activation progression.

3. Do You Really Have Poor Ankle Mobility? - It's been my experience that ankle flexibility restrictions are really "overdiagnosed," and in reality, people just don't know how to shut off their plantarflexors (calves) as part of a heavily extended posture. I elaborate in this video:

4. Are You Packing the Shoulder Correctly? - It's important to be able to pack the shoulder, but in many cases, folks don't know exactly what is or should be going on functionally. This webinar should clarify.

5. Limited Shoulder Flexion in Pitchers - We often hear that shoulder dysfunction relates to elbow pain in throwers, but very rarely do we hear the "why" behind this link. In this video, I elaborate:

I'll be back soon with the top guest posts of 2014!

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One Response to “The Best of 2014: Strength and Conditioning Videos”

  1. Matt Ratti Says:

    Hi Eric, thanks for your videos, photos, articles, and knowledge to your readers, I live in Argentina and always follow you, Your web site is fantastic.
    One question, in the deep squat, the last centimeters, the sacroiliac joint breaks lightly, here we say “Duck Tail”, this morphotype can bring pain after do it the squat. this happens in almost 40% of athletes who go to a gym. What is your consideration you have about Eric? Thanks too much

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