The Best of 2017: Strength and Conditioning Videos

About the Author: Eric Cressey

With my last post, I kicked off the “Best of 2017” series with my top articles of the year. Today, we’ll highlight the top five videos of the year. These videos only include instructional videos, not quick exercise demonstrations.

1. Why I Don’t Like Scap Push-ups – I used to use scap push-ups, but got away from them several years ago. This video details why.

2. Bench Press Technique, Shoulder Health, and Elbows Tucked vs. Flared – Elbows tucked vs. elbows flared: which is better for shoulder health? Check out this video to find out.

3. Should You “Balance” Pushes and Pulls? – I don’t think it’s as simple as balancing pushes and pulls in your training program. Here’s why.

4. Making Sense of Serratus Anterior – I write and speak a lot about the importance of serratus anterior for shoulder health and performance. Here’s what happens when it doesn’t do its job.

5. Deadlift Technique: Set-up Tips – I’ve often said that the solution is in the set-up, and the deadlift is a perfect example.

I’ll be back soon with the top guest posts of 2017!

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